Old Glory Notary

My name Alicia Carson, soon to be Alicia Smith. I am the sole proprietor of Old Glory Notary! I am also the Office Manager for Old Glory Motorcycle Co. & Carson’s Southside Tire & Auto. I just became a Notary Public in February 2022. Before I was a Notary Public, I was working as a secretary for about 7 years, and I have been involved in customer service for 15 years. Providing people with great customer service is very important to me. I am the daughter of Ted & Cindy Carson, who own Old Glory Motorcycle Co. and Carson’s Southside Tire & Auto. After watching my parents own a business most of my life, I recently decided to start my own business, Old Glory Notary! I named my business after Old Glory Motorcycle Co. to keep the name going through the family. I am hoping to one day expand, bring on more staff and have more of my family join me to keep our family business growing. For now, it is just me, and I am ecstatic to be able to serve in my community.

I notarize documents. I am also a full notary that can work on vehicle titles, plates and registration. To transfer a title and issue a new plate, my price is $132. Call to find out more pricing. I notarize documents for $15 per stamp and signature. I also provide a Fax service for $15. If you have any questions, feel free to give me a call at (717)509-8463, or stop on by! I am happy to help! I am available Tuesday through Thursday – 9:00am-5pm, Friday – 9:00am-6pm, and Saturday – 9am-1pm. If you would like to email me, my email is oldglorynotary@gmail.com.

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